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Your home looks blah now that all the holiday decorations have been put away, the new year’s resolution diet has already been broken and the Christmas bills are rolling in.  Take a deep breath – it’s only mid-January, you can still turn this month around! READ MORE >>

 It seems Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year, with decorations showing up in stores before fall even arrives!  We agree that joining in the spirit and magic of the holiday season is quite contagious and hard to resist.  The essential thing to remember is to keep your decorations safe and in good working order. READ MORE >>

 It seems once the hustle and bustle of Halloween is over our thoughts seem to slow down and settle in to the season of giving for the month of November.  It’s almost the calm before the Christmas storm.  At Martin & Martin, we have much to be thankful for and we wanted to share a little bit of that with you! READ MORE >>

Sometimes change is hard, sometimes it is necessary and sometimes it happens without you even realizing it!  And while change is oftentimes out of your control you can still pay attention to ensure that your best interests are at the top of the importance list. READ MORE >>

The dog days of summer are reaching their way into the early pumpkin spice craze of fall, but soon enough the air will turn crisp.  In a matter of weeks vibrant colored leaves scattered across your yard will give way to chilly temperatures and winter storms. READ MORE >>

It’s a day you may have dreaded, and a day your child has dreamed about – heading off to college!  So many things to think about but most on your mind is how am I going to protect my child when we are no longer under the same roof? READ MORE >>

David Letterman has been off the air for over three years now, but his iconic Top Ten Lists live on forever.  We decided to put together a top ten list for you on auto insurance and while ours may not be as humorous as The Late Night’s host, we feel it will be far more informative!   READ MORE >>

The insurance industry shouldn’t be cloaked in uncertainty and misunderstanding.  One of the biggest questions I am asked is “Why is credit a factor in determining insurance rates?”.  The confusion is completely understandable, and I want to clear it up for you. READ MORE >>

Deadlines for midterm papers, half a day’s worth of texts to return, practices to drive the kids to, dinner to make, doctors appointments to schedule…I get it – no matter what stage of life we are in, we are all extremely busy.  Understandably, you may be looking for shortcuts in order to accomplish all you have in front of you. READ MORE >>

We have all heard the theories about what makes up a millennial, but you know that you want to prove them all wrong.  Starting out in the world of personal responsibility can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.  Taking the steps now to make sure you are covered in the long run can save you a ton of money. READ MORE >>

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