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New year, new outlook, new you!  January is a time for list making and goal crushing.  We want to help you reach your goals this year and we are committed to making your insurance portfolio work for you.  We sat down and went over our top items from last year that were most important when reviewing our clients insurance policies. READ MORE >>

Another year is coming to a close and we are all swept up in the holiday season.  Loved ones, special traditions and festive get-togethers take center stage and the weeks go by in a blur.  While this active season is a memorable one, December is also the perfect time for reflection and remembering all the highs and lows that made up the previous year. READ MORE >>

 Tried and true recipes are part of the holiday season and it seems every family has their special ones.  Passing these delicious traditions down through the years has become a cherished memory for me.  Pear pie and Hungarian cookies are two of my most memorable and sought after treats this time of year! READ MORE >>

The season of costumes and candy is upon us and while it is adorable to see all the kids dressed up, fall doesn’t have to be just for them!  There are so many options to celebrate autumn that we wanted to share a few going on in Northwest Ohio for all ages.  READ MORE >>

It could be the bills, or that never ending to-do list, or the pile of laundry that needs folding.  It could be the health of your aging parents, or concerns for your kids schooling.    When night falls and the hectic day is done, what keeps you up at night? READ MORE >>

Hello, have we had the chance to meet yet? I know I have met many of you, as I have been with Martin & Martin for over four years!  I am Rhonda Kowalski and this month I am taking over the blog so I can talk to you about how I can help you, and specifically, the fabulous topic of OCCUPATIONAL DISCOUNTS! READ MORE >>

This month I would like to talk about umbrellas, no not the type that keeps you dry from all this awesome summer rain we have been receiving, but rather an Umbrella Policy.  Much like an actual umbrella – an Umbrella Policy is all about protection. READ MORE >>

So many of us honor our dad’s on Father’s Day with a flashy tie or a new set of barbecue tools. This year I wanted to do something a little different and honor my father in law with a story – the story of Martin & Martin Insurance! READ MORE >>

Have you ever heard the saying, “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese”?  That quote got me thinking about life insurance and the way that people view it.  I see how life insurance benefits people in a variety of ways, but everyday I also hear that some believe they are too young or too old to purchase a policy. READ MORE >>

  In 2015 our offices here at Martin & Martin saw a huge change for the better when we officially went green.  We partnered with LOTT Industries to downsize our paper collection tremendously, going from 30 file cabinets down to 5. READ MORE >>

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